Since November 2005: self-employed IT-management consultant, enterprise architect

Up to July 1992: technical knowledge engineer specialized in the development of control systems and tailor-made languages.

From July 1992 also: functional knowledge engineer specialized in logistical problems esp. diagnosis, planning and scheduling. Project manager of mixed 3-persons teams (internal client personnel and consultants).

From April 1995: Software Consultant for the Application Lifecycle Solutions (ALS) products. This comprises client support at a functional, technical and organizational level.

From January 1998 chiefly: IT Project management & coaching of mixed teams (internal client personnel and consultants).

From January 1999 also:
Active in the development of project organisations and the drawing up of business & ICT processes.

From September 2000 also:
Team leader of the Application Engineers management team, in charge of evolution, support and assessment for some ten consultants.

From September 2002 also:
Member of the management team as 'technical manager' together with a number of team leaders. Later on Operations Manager in charge of consultant development, internal IT and the Application Engineers project- & change-management approach.