Keep it simple

Why do miss the obvious?

Why is an IT-solution often experienced as an extra effort instead of being a support? Why do we build expensive IT-solution to support an organizational mistake of the past?

My first lesson in IT was based upong the following principle "Organise before you automate". A principle that is still valid but unfortunately is it also the principle that is very often violated despite the big theories and methodes. Starting from the initial (business) goals and facing the current way of working  - the (business) process, offers a better ROI than any automation can (remember Michael Hammer). Efficient processes and an aligned organisation lead to a more efficient and maintainable automation.

An example that a softwaresolution does not need to be complicated? These links refer to some Excel spreadsheets that can be used for computer based training. Some are already elaborated. But the real lesson is that the creative use of some Excel functies can result in an interesting concept without to much (financial) effort. Note however that this is not the same than claiming the Excel can solve everything.

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